On Hookers

I like hookers. I’ve seen a few of them and generally had a great time. It’s not just the sex that I like, though they were uniformly good and hot. Rather, I also like the conversation and intimacy that emerges. All of them had a least some college education (and one even has a master’s in engineering) and they were generally very interesting conversationalists.I make anough money to where I can pay a premium — $300-400 per hour — so I don’t know what it’s like to go with a less expensive provider. In other words, your mileage may vary.

If you’re thinking about trying an escort or just want to know more about them, here are a few sites I recommend:

The Erotic Review – Spend the $20 and to get access to the reviews. You can learn exactly what sex acts a girl is willing to perform, how attractive she is in person, what she’s like in bed etc.

The Real Princess Diaries – Very well-written blog by a working escort in San Francisco. She obviously loves to fuck and can command a premium price for it. She also runs a site called My First Professional Sex.

Debauchette – She doesn’t post often, but presents the real-life perspective of an escort. Very smart and sensitive.

HappyEndingz – Confessions of a massage parlor girl. Not really my thing, or at least I’ve never tried it, but it’s fun to hear her perspective. I wonder how many handjobs she’s given in her life?!

Las Vegas Courtesan – she mostly posts sexy pictures of herself (she studied photography in college) but also occasionally writes about the escort industry in Vegas, where prostitution is still illegal even though it’s legal in the the rest of Nevada.


About to Drop Online Dating

I’m pretty close to dropping online dating, which is a big step for me. I’ve had a Match.com since — no shit — 1995 (I signed up back when the first 10,000 subscribers got a free account for life). I’ve used it off and on over the years with modest success and ultimately met  my now-ex-wife there.  After we decided to divorce, I started using it again and also a couple of others.

Since learning about Game, I made some changes to my profile to make it more alpha and used more of a flirty approach in my emails. It worked. I’ve met a lot of girls this way and even had two semi-serious relationships there.

However, as I’ve gotten better at meeting girls in real life, I’ve starting losing patience with online. Why? Let me count the reasons:

  1. Girls at dating site are usually looking for a long term, exclusive relationship. I’m not.
  2. The girls are generally not that attractive, except for the young ones
  3. The young ones generally do not respond to my messages. I suspect this is because they see my age in my profile and they automatically rule me out. (Girls I meet in real life regularly tell me I look five years younger than my real age.)
  4. Most of the girls’ profiles are pretty boring, so it’s a pain to think of something original to say.
  5. And since they are boring, most of them aren’t up to par for me anyway.
  6. The girls I like: sexy, good conversationalists and with a high sex drive, don’t seem to use online dating sites.
  7. The worst part: they can be just as flaky as in the real world. Too many times I’ve traded multiple emails with a girl only to have her flake out about meeting. Just yesterday I found myself chasing a girl because every time I suggested we meet, she came up with an excuse not to. I finally told her I was done and that if she wanted to meet it was her job to choose a date & time.

I’ll keep my profiles up, but I’m not going to spend as much time browsing and initiating contact.

Same night lay in DC

Last night was my last in DC. I’d had an almost-SNL two nights earlier, then a weird-but-fun night on Friday (didn’t hookup with anyone, but had a great time making a Korean lesbian want to kill me among several other surreal interactions).

I was tired and didn’t want to stay out late but figured I’d give it one more shot. I hit a bar and opened 3-4 sets but none went anywhere. One was with a smoking trio of Ethiopian chicks that had blown me out and I was feeling kind of stuck. I almost left right then, but then I saw the dance floor had filled up. I’d just read a post somewhere about dance floor game and thought “why not?”

Not that I actually knew what I was doing (I don’t remember any of the details of that post). I just figured I’d dance for a while and see if the movement got me in a better state. Not five minutes into it I saw a cutie dancing close to me with open body language, and she was by herself. I turned slightly toward her, but I was still far enough away that I wasn’t really dancing *with* her.

i thought about it for a sec, then decided to man-up and be a leader, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her in front of me. She smiled and I knew it was on. We danced for a couple of songs and I started pulling her closer and closer. I didn’t try to kiss her, but rather nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear. This was how we started conversing. Somewhere in there I said “you’re pretty cute, but I never kiss on the dance floor, so you’re out of luck.” More conversation in which it turned out we had a lot of common interests (she’s a writer and I have thing for writers), then she came at me for the kiss. I reciprocated at first but pulled back, and we played a game of her trying to kiss me and me chiding her for breaking my rules.

Lots of fun, and from here it was a cakewalk.

After a while we were both hot and sweaty and decided to take a break. We went over and sat in a couple of bar stools about three feet from the Ethiopians. (They were still by themselves. I wonder if they hooked up with anyone…) I bought her a drink at her request, then we basically made out for another 30 minutes or so. She kept telling me how adorable I was and it was a nice ego boost. She also talk freely about all the wild sex she’s had: mile high club, multiple three-ways etc. She’s done three-ways with two guys, but she said not a DP. I said “the fact that you even know what a DP is says a lot about you.” She told me she was 34, but I suspect she’s a bit older based on some things she said later (she didn’t look that old, though).

I told her I was staying with a close friend of mine and her husband about four blocks away and invited her back to my place. Also that I was leaving the next morning at 8 am (true) and that it was now or never. She lives in Silver Springs, MD and had come with a guy friend. I told her I’d get her a cab home if she needed that. She went to talk to her friend about it. At this point I worried that he might talk her out of it and gave her my business card as proof that I’m a real person. She came back a few minutes later and said “we have an hour.”

So we left and started walking back to my friend’s. I didn’t have any condoms and told her so, “but it doesn’t matter because I never have sex on the first date anyway.” She laughed and said we gotta buy some. At that moment we were passing by a little convenience store, so we went in and I playfully told her I wanted her to ask about the condoms. She did. The clerk showed them to me and I made a to-do about them not having the ones I like (Trojan Ecstasy). This led to a funny interaction where she said she wasn’t aware that there was a difference. I explained that we’re in a Renaissance phase of condom development, it was a rapidly developing field with all kinds of innovation going on and blah blah blah.

You can guess what happened from there. We made the most of our hour and I walked her back to her car.

One interesting side-note: while were walking back to my place I couldn’t remember her name and was trying to figure out how to get it out of her. But right as we walked in the door she mentioned she hadn’t told me her name and hinted that she’s somewhat famous (at least enough that she’s on TV often), so it dawned on me that she doesn’t want me to know who she is. We made a game of this while fucking – me saying I wouldn’t let her come until she told me her name. Lots of fun. She told me a couple different names at time and I’m positive they were both lies.

Didn’t matter. She was a great lay plus really smart, cute & fun. Good blowjobs too.

I dated a fairly famous writer for a while back last spring, so we talked about the parallels. She did give me her phone # and said she’d email me, so maybe it will come out then. (I’m thinking about going back to DC for Xmas and she wants to hook up.)

We texted back & forth last night and again today. I told her I’ve decided I don’t need to know her name and had given her the pet name Fifi.

Failed SNL attempt in DC

I’m in DC on business. Last night I hosted a happy hour for our customers at an area bar. When that was over I asked one of the customers where would be a good place to kill some time and make new friends that wasn’t too loud. She suggested a bar in Dupont Circle and gave me directions via the Metro.

On the train there were a couple of professional Asian chicks that I opened but didn’t get any IOI. Later I had to switch trains and was checking out the people on the platform. I made eye contact with a girl but didn’t do anything about it. (I was truthfully much more attracted to the girl sitting next to her, but she never looked up from her Blackberry. Yeah I know – I shoulda opened her anyway. And now that I think about it I was hungry so I could’ve asked for a good place to eat.)

Anyway, about that time HB8 Dirty Blonde (HB8DB) walked by me on the platform. She sort of paused as she walked by me and dawdled for no apparent reason. I took that as an IOI and asked her about her gloves. We chatted until the train came and then got on together. Turns out she was going to the same stop as me, and I asked her about the bar that had been recommended earlier. Long story short, we got off at that stop and went to a bar she was going to meet some friends at instead. During this time she made a couple of sexually charged comments and I thought, it’s ON.

At the bar it was just us for a bit before her friends showed up. Lots of comfort-building chit chat in which she signalled interest by talking about her attraction to older men (I’m 17 years older than her).

In the middle of that she got a text that she looked at and laughed. It was from her boyfriend. This was the first mention of the BF. I ignored it and she didn’t really mention him much the rest of the night until the very end. Later her work friends showed up and it became clear from the interactions that she’s the sexual party girl that all her male co-workers wanna fuck. One of them asked how we met, she said on the Metro and he said “you must have good game.” She laughed and pointed out that I opened her by asking a real question, which I guess in her mind meant that I was real and not a PUA.

As the night wore on the talk got more sexual. She was across the table from me at first, but eventually she went to the bathroom and when she came back I told her to sit by me. I did a fair amount of kino — mostly rubbing her legs under her skirt — but didn’t go for the kiss in front of her friends. I tried to bounce her to a dance club, saying I wanted to dance, but she didn’t go for it.

Finally she said she was tired and everyone started leaving. I went with her to get a cab. At this point she mentioned how her mom wouldn’t go to bed until she came home. I tried to kiss her while waiting for the cab and she reciprocated a little, but then she resisted because of her boyfriend. That led to a discussion of monogamy and how she didn’t really want to be monogamous but had made a promise to her BF. Who, BTW, she was picking up the next morning at the airport and they were spending the weekend together at her parents place in Virginia (she had mentioned this earlier so I don’t think she made it up on the spot). He lives in NY and we talked about LDRs for a bit (I told her to stop wasting her time). She said that if he wasn’t coming she would’ve been down for spending the weekend with me.

The cab came and I made her give me a real kiss before she got in. I caught my own cab shortly after and went home I was bummed that I couldn’t close it, but I still have two more nights in DC so no big deal. I didn’t get her number. I did give her a clever, useful little tchotchke about my company. It has my name and contact info on it, and it’s the kind of thing she will keep, so perhaps she’ll look me up down the road. (I’m intentionally not saying exactly what it is to protect my anonymity.)

I also could’ve done a little more push-pull with her and gotten her talking about her sense of adventure.

I’ve never tried this, but I’ve heard that when a girl brings up an obstacle like her mom waiting for her, you can often defeat it with a total non-sequitur excuse like “don’t worry I’m wearing my black overcoat tonight, so she’s cool.” I wish I had thought to try that. Next time.

Finally, I think in retrospect I could’ve dragged her to the bathroom and at least done the kiss close there, maybe even f-close. Waiting until the end of the night made for too much pressure.

Interesting side note: We had to take a cab to the bar from the stop, which she paid for. I offered to chip in and she said I could make it up by buying her a drink. But then at the bar she ended up paying for all the drinks too. Score! I think? From what I could tell she’s broke – lots of student debt, only a PT job, lives with parents. All of her friends were in their early twenties and complaining about not having money or good jobs. Maybe that helped her feel less guilty about almost-cheating on her BF.

First attempt to game strippers

What could have been… Tonight I and a fellow PUA were supposed to go with a porn chick friend of mine and some of her hot friends to a couple of strip clubs. The idea was we would be the rockstar guys surrounded by beautiful women and use that as a way to demonstrate value and attract strippers. However, she called me at 6 from the hospital – her grandmother broke her hip. Argh! We still plan to do it, but it’s going to be a least a couple weeks before I’m free again.

Anyhoo, my friend and I decided to give it a go on our own at a local joint. We showed up around 11 and it was still pretty slow. Our game plan was to sit at a table away from the stage, maintain ongoing conversation, ignore the girls and see what happens.

At first no one seemed to notice us, so then we thought maybe we could use a couple of opinion openers. That worked. We tried a couple on 4-5 different girls and they all said “I don’t think that conversation has ever happened in a strip club.”

For the record, the questions were:

  • “Do you floss before or after brushing your teeth?” Regardless of her answer one of us would say “High five! That’s what I said.” and the other would say “That’s so fucking stupid to do it that way.”
  • “Would you date a hot guys with a dumb name? Like, what if Brad Pitt were named Melvin?” This usually led to a good conversation about what celebrities she thinks are hot. A good follow-on is “what if he had a mullet? Would you date Brad Pitt if he had a mullett?”

One of the girls we opened was HB8Japan. After getting her attention she tried to sit in my lap but I asked her to sit in a chair next to me instead. She looked kind of surprised: “you don’t want me to sit in your lap?” Me: “No, I’d like to get to know you first.”

We chatted for a while about everything except being a stripper. I asked her what her story was, what she wants to do with her life etc all the while maintained strong eye contact and never looking at her body. Then she got called up to the stage and she said she didn’t want to go (but of course she had to).

While she was up there I generally didn’t watch her, but at one point she came over to the corner nearest me and we locked eyes for a second. After the song she made a beeline back to our table and asked if she could sit in my lap this time. I let her. She said that when she was onstage she had felt self-conscious knowing I was watching and that now she was buzzing like she’d just had a cup of coffee. The vibe I got was that she was simultaneously attracted and scared. I said “yeah, I wasn’t really watching, but I did catch your eyes there for a sec” and she confirmed it.

We talked some more and while she didn’t ask for a lap dance, she pointed out that 12-2 was prime money-making time for her. I told her I might give her a little cash because she was interesting, but I didn’t want a lap dance.

At this point I pulled out my phone and asked her for her number. She looked at the phone for a long time, but ultimately said no. I said, “that’s cute, now go ahead and give me your phone number.” No dice. She justified it by saying she’d done that too many times and regretted it.

Like a good wing, my PUA buddy took off when I was ready to isolate. I was sitting with her at the table and my phone was sitting on top, face up. That’s when my friend texted me: “Good job!” The phone vibrated and lit up, and HB8Japan saw it and handed it to me, reading the the text as she did. She knew exactly what that meant and joked about me scoring. She didn’t get bent about it, but I’m positive it put her guard up another notch or three.

Advice: keep the fucking phone in your pocket! 🙂

Then we moved over to a more comfortable area and had a fairly intense conversation. I won’t go into all the details, but basically she talked about how she likes her work but doesn’t like how others judge her. Later she made some comments that indicated she is a little ashamed of her work, so I challenged her a bit. I pointed out that I loved my work, didn’t judge her for her work and that she should own it. We also got into a discussion of power and manipulation. She feels very powerful in the club, but her manipulation was not working on me, and she could sense that I was manipulating her a bit.

I focused on maintaining eye contact and building comfort. She’s kind of a hippie (self-described) and said a couple times she was trying to “feel you” in terms of energy. She also said that’s part of what she likes about doing lap dances – the energy that comes from tuning into the guy.

A few times I just locked eyes with her and didn’t say anything, occasionally reaching up to stroke her hair. She was sitting on my lap again and I did a little kino, but my sense in this situation is that less is more. Instead of grabbing her tits or spanking her ass, I focused on light touches to her hair, ears and eyebrows along with her neck.

She also showed me some of her artwork (painting) that she’d posted on Facebook. She’s actually quite talented and that led to an interesting conversation about whether she wants to be an artist.

There was definitely something there, but then I said something that she called a sign of insecurity. I tried to play it off – “why do you think that?” And later I said something that she responded to with “you’re really confident.” But I never quite got back to the dominant position. After a while they called her up on stage again and I told her I was leaving. I asked her one more time for her phone number, but no luck.

She told me to come see her again. I said I don’t come there often, so maybe but probably not. I may go there again in a month or two, but I’ll want a game plan for her if I run into her again.

Here is a picture of here. It doesn’t show her face, but she’s very pretty. Doesn’t wear much makeup and doesn’t need it. She’s half-American, which IMO is more beautiful than pure Asian.

Day 2 with HB7Mexican

In case you’re wondering, I closed the deal with the HB7Mexican on our first date. I felt like a maestro with a baton conducting the Boston Symphony. Lots of dominance, teasing and push-pull interspersed with comfort building. She kept telling me I was evil because of how turned on I was making her.

First, how the date came about. The day after boot camp I traded text messages with her throughout the day. I told her she had to cook me dinner. She clearly loved the playfulness. The next morning, a Monday, I sent her this text: “I’m busy every night this week EXCEPT tonight, so it’s now or never.” She got back to me right away and said yes. I told her (again via text) that I would cook dinner and for her to pick out a DVD and wear something sexy. About an hour before the date I sent a text telling her awesome the meal was going to be and that she was so lucky to have me cook her dinner.

The biggest thing I wanted to work on in this date is push-pull. I took my time getting to that first kiss but prepped it with lots of kino. (Remember, she had continually given me the cheek when I first met her, so this was our first actual kiss). But after a bit of making out I pulled away and went to the bathroom. More comfort, more kissing, then I jumped up and complained about missing the football game. Left her alone and went upstairs to check the score. More comfort, then told her I wanted to show her some picture on Google. That got her upstairs sitting on my lap looking at pictures, then we did a quick tour of the other rooms upstairs before going into my bedroom.

Somewhere in there (before we came upstairs) she said she had a fetish for backs and that she wanted to see mine. I said sorry, I have two rules: no sex on the first date and no showing my back.

We rolled around on the bed making out for a while and I sensed LMR (last minute resistance). So I jumped up and said I wanted to check my email. Also lit a candle and turned out the light. Went to the other room where my computer is and checked email for a bit. Then I went to the bathroom before coming back to the bedroom.

She asked again about my back and I said I’d let her look. “Really?!” So I lay there and let her rub my back for a while, then she said “we broke both your rules.” (This was before we fucked.) Soon after she was tearing my pants off. Ate her out for a while, shoved my cock in her mouth for a bit then made her beg me to fuck her. Screamed my name over and over when she came. QED.

In the aftermath she kept saying how evil I was for “making” her have sex with me, but also how comfortable I made her feel. She said “you know too much about women” about a thousand times.

I’m starting to think she’s right.

Addendum. I talked to her the next night and she said my assertiveness was a big turn-on, and that she had never experienced that before. Remember, women want to be led, so be a leader.

Boot Camp Report

I’ve toyed with the idea of attending a boot camp for a while now, and may still do one. A couple friends of mine (“Coach #1” and “Coach #2”) have both done several and are very impressive to watch in the field. They offered to teach me a little about so-called natural game (which is my style anyway) and then take me out clubbing. So I and another student (“Camper #2”) met up with them Saturday night for a couple hours before hitting the town. Below is a summary of my evening.

Overall it was a great experience. I opened 10-15 sets, compared with probably a max of 5 that I’ve ever done previously. Didn’t really get blown out per se, but I too-often wussed out by not plowing.The first club was too hard on my hearing (my ears are a bit blown out from playing the drums when I was younger) and so I struggled a bit there, but things went better at the second one.

My first open was an 8.5 cocktail waitress at club #1. I asked her about her tattos and did a little kino by tracing them. At that point she mentioned her boyfriend conversationally. (I’d asked her if tattoos on guys turned her on and she described all the tats he has.) I didn’t really push anything with her anyway because I assumed the logistics of a cocktail waitress would be impossible. Then again, I number closed and day-twoed a bartender a few weeks ago, so that’s a stupid assumption. Anyway, it was a good low-risk warm-up for the real action.

Opened and had a pretty good convo with an 8 at the bar. I screwed up by asking her to dance. I should’ve just said “let’s dance” and grabbed her hand. Then again she had just ordered a drink and had a full drink in her hand. She said she would dance later after she finished the drink, but she and her friends walked away right after.

Opened a semi-cute birthday girl and her fat friend with high fives. They gave me the high fives but were otherwise not very responsive. Asked her how old she was. “23.” Me: “Wow, you don’t look a day over 22.” Her: “Thanks.” I don’t think she realized I was joking. Dumbass. Eject.

Tried opening an HB8 in a hat dancing by herself. I said (at Coach #2’s suggestion) “You are the sexiest girl I’ve talked to tonight in a hat.” Unfortunately the music was super loud, so we got into a game of “what did you say!?” I froze and didn’t know what to do with her. Coach #2 came up and embraced her, spun her around etc.

Right after that, tried opening a group of girls right next to her but froze. Coach #2 wanted me to do the “Happy Birthday!” with arms wide open approach, but I was too in my head. He opened them, and I circled around to talk to one of them. She was looking around a lot and I asked what she was looking for. “My boyfriend. He was here earlier.” Me: “What’s his name?” (I thought it might be a shit test.) Her: “Emmett” – that’s a pretty unusual name, so I assumed she was telling the truth. I ejected, but in retrospect I could’ve asked why he was blowing her off.

At this point the loud music was really getting to me, so we bounced.

Things started better at club #2. We were waiting in line and I opened the girls in front of us – “You guys look cold” (it was freezing). We joshed around with them a little, then all of a sudden one of the bouncers motioned their group over and we went along, so we got in without having to wait as long as the others. +1 for opening people in line.

Inside I was having a little approach anxiety so Coach #1 pointed me to a girl at the bar, whom I’ll call HB7Mexican, and said “Open her now!” I didn’t even look at her, just noticed she was paying for a drink and had a lot of cash. My opener: “That’s a lot of fucking money.” She smiled and showed immediate interest. Cute face, but a bit chunky for my taste. We talked for a while then I ejected

In the back tent there were a ton of Asian chicks, mostly from Vietnam. The first girl I opened had a cool tattoo with Chinese characters on her back so I asked her if she was Chinese. She was, so I threw some Mandarin at her (I speak it conversationally). That got her attention for a second, but it turns out she speaks Cantonese. We talked for a while about Shanghai vs. Hong Kong, but she ended up ejecting. Can’t remember how.

Next I opened another tat girl and we had a good conversation, but I wasn’t that into her. I turned around and Coach #1 had opened a hot Asian chick. He ejected and told me he’d opened her by asking what the deal is with all the Asian people there, was it Asia night? Good line that I used the rest of the night.

Opened a very cute little Asian hottie with “Hi, I’m PGG.” She smiled and I got immediate signs of interest, but I kind of stumbled on the escalation, though I did hug her a couple of times. She ejected to get back to her friends, but said “you’re cute” as she walked away. I said “you too” but in retrospect I wish I’d said “I know.” No biggie. I didn’t really track her the rest of the night, but she would’ve been great to re-open.

Once I realized most of the girls there were Vietnamese, I started saying “Let me guess: you’re Vietnamese.” When they said yes, I said “Me too!” which usually got a laugh. I used this with a three set of Vietnamese chicks. I told them I love Pho (and pronounced it correctly, which seemed to score points. In case you’re wondering, it’s “fuh”). I chatted with them for a couple minutes when one of them said “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of a midlife crisis.” IOW I was interrupting her counseling session with her friends. I said “me too” but walked away. In retrospect I chould’ve said tonight was her lucky night because I’m a psychotherapist. (I’m not, but I know shitloads about psychology so I probably could’ve helped her, or at least given loads of value.)

Somewhere in there I tried to open these two bitchy girls at the front of the bar but got shut down before I even started. Coach #1 tried to open them later and got the same BS. At least he called them on their rudeness. One was clearly the hottie of the two, the other was so-so. Next time I get that I’m going to point that out to them – “So you hang out with your hot friend to get attention, and you hang out with your less-hot friend to get relative self esteem?” He later said they claimed to be lesbians but I would’ve liked to call BS on that too. “Prove it – let’s see you tongue kiss right now.” Or “Cool. What’s her most distinguishing physical feature that’s currently covered by underwear?”

I digress.

Eventually HB7Mexican bumped into me again. I had just gotten done talking with Coach #1 about how I need to practice isolating, so she was my guinea pig. I tried to take her out back to get some fresh air, but she said she wanted to dance and get hot first. Grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. We danced a while but I didn’t escalate much. Finally she went outside with me and I spent time building comfort. Later back inside I pulled out my camera and we tried to do some self-portraits, but the camera kept fucking up. Eventually Coach #2 saw me and rescued by offering to take the photo, had her kiss me while doing picture etc. He left us with “Remember: Escalation is your friend.” LOL. Later he or Coach #1 texted me to go for the close, which I did 3-4 times. She kept giving me the cheek whenever I tried to kiss. I asked why and she said because her (guy) friend was there and she was afraid of how it would look. I stayed confident and told her she obviously had the hots for me. She said “there’s something about you that is REALLY attractive.” I said “I know.”

The place started closing and we were ready to bail. I walked her out, teased her some more, tried one last kiss (rejected) and then we left. I texted her when I got home and she responded. We swapped texts back & forth all day Sunday. I played up the cocky & funny stuff a lot and told her I expect her to cook me dinner. She’s coming over tonight. I texted this morning that I’m busy every night this week EXCEPT tonight, so it’s now or never. That’s actually true, but it’s a good way to test her even if it’s not. More about that here.

Main takeaways:

  • I need to plow a lot more. I can hold a conversation about anything under the sun, but it’s hard when the girl is only giving you monosyllabic answers. So I need to practice plowing. But I’d also like to test calling girls on it. “Wow, you might be the most boring person I’ve talked to tonight.” I suspect the trick with that is to say it with confidence, not defensiveness.
  • I need to escalate faster. Kino is one of the my weakest areas, but I’ve made a lot of progress on that. Next goal is to really push it from the get-go. Get all over the girl until she either submits or pulls away.
  • Bigger movements. I’ve found that the bigger I am in both words and physicality, the better success I have. I need to cut loose more on the dance floor and not be afraid to just grab a girl and take her there. (For a words example, when anyone asks me how I’m doing I always answer “I am AWESOME!” Always gets a laugh from baristas, waitresses, hairdressers etc.)
  • Clubs are okay, but I have a hard time in really loud ones. I probably should speak louder in general, but especially places like that.
  • Clubbing is when most of these girls are at their highest level of situational confidence. I have everything I need to be the most alpha male guy there — a great job, high income, lots of fascinating life experiences, good in bed — but I let myself get intimidated by a hot little 25 year old?! It should be the other way around. I just need to plow more and not let myself be intimidated by them. I’ve never done negging, but I see now how that could be a useful crutch in these situations.

If you have never done a bootcamp, I strongly recommend it. It’s less about the specific techniques you learn and more about the repetition. The more girls you open, the more comfortable you feel. The more comfortable you feel, the more attractive you become.