Quick Lay Report

This year I’m almost exclusively focused on day game. The only night game is if I happen to be at a previously planned event like a business happy hour.

So anyhoo. A couple weeks ago I was at a local coffee shop catching up on some reading. A cute, artsy-looking blonde walks in and we make eye contact. She orders her coffee and I tell myself that if she sits near me it’s an IOI. (Lame, I know. It shouldn’t matter where she sits but that’s the state I was in that day.)

She sits down right next to me, catches my eye while doing so and smiles. It’s on. I notice she has an iPad, so I ask here what’s her favorite app. That gets it rolling, then we talk basketball because she’s going to the local NBA game that night. Somehow the topic of medical marijuana comes up and I tease her that she’s a stoner. Somewhere in there we talk music and it turns out we have similar tastes. Eventually she gets up to go to the game and I get her number.

Later that night I hear our team lost, so I sent her a text teasing her for jinxing them.

No answer for a day, then a note back asking what I’m up to. I reply with “Trying to stay warm in this brutal cold. Only partially succeeding.” and a suggestion we get dinner.

No answer for another day, then the following evening around 9:30 she texts asking if I need help staying warm.

I text “Maybe. What are you offering?”

She replies “My body.”

I reply: “Tempting”

Then she suggests coming over later and I say okay. At this point I thought it was 50/50 at best, but she actually did come over at around 1:30 am. I can smell she’s been drinking and probably doing weed too. She’s not totally blitzed, but definitely tipsy.

We make out for a couple minutes, then I suggest we go up to my bedroom. We go in and she undresses immediately. Wow. Hot body. We crawl in bed naked and go at it hard. She loves to be dominated and dirty talk. Even does anal with me, which she says is the first time. This goes on for a couple hours, then we crash. Next morning I walk her to her car.

While I assumed from the beginning that this was a one-night stand, during pillow talk she suggested getting together again and doing it without condoms (i.e after std tests) and even going out to pick up another girl for a three-way. Ergo I figure I can get at least a couple more lays out of her.

So two nights later I text her to suggest going out dancing, but she says she’s out of town for the weekend. I wait a few days and text something flirtatious (can’t remember what). No response. I try a total of three times over the course of a week and get nothing but radio silence.

Can’t say I really gamed this chick except for having the balls to open her and get her number. From that point forward it was pretty much her that led. I just stayed cool enough to not get in my own way.

And then when she was done, she was done. Oh well. Next!


Quick Update

I participated in a my first porn shoot Sunday. It was kind of fun. I was the moneybags who paid the talent and also helped with production stuff. The highlight was probably painting latex onto a chick before she and her boyfriend had sex. That was also the lowlight. Latex stinks and it requires a lot of coats!

I haven’t seen the footage yet, but I saw a couple of stills that look decent. We have another shoot this Sunday, then I think they’re supposed to turn it into a releasable product. Fingers crossed that I don’t lose my shirt on this!