Same night lay in DC

Last night was my last in DC. I’d had an almost-SNL two nights earlier, then a weird-but-fun night on Friday (didn’t hookup with anyone, but had a great time making a Korean lesbian want to kill me among several other surreal interactions).

I was tired and didn’t want to stay out late but figured I’d give it one more shot. I hit a bar and opened 3-4 sets but none went anywhere. One was with a smoking trio of Ethiopian chicks that had blown me out and I was feeling kind of stuck. I almost left right then, but then I saw the dance floor had filled up. I’d just read a post somewhere about dance floor game and thought “why not?”

Not that I actually knew what I was doing (I don’t remember any of the details of that post). I just figured I’d dance for a while and see if the movement got me in a better state. Not five minutes into it I saw a cutie dancing close to me with open body language, and she was by herself. I turned slightly toward her, but I was still far enough away that I wasn’t really dancing *with* her.

i thought about it for a sec, then decided to man-up and be a leader, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her in front of me. She smiled and I knew it was on. We danced for a couple of songs and I started pulling her closer and closer. I didn’t try to kiss her, but rather nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear. This was how we started conversing. Somewhere in there I said “you’re pretty cute, but I never kiss on the dance floor, so you’re out of luck.” More conversation in which it turned out we had a lot of common interests (she’s a writer and I have thing for writers), then she came at me for the kiss. I reciprocated at first but pulled back, and we played a game of her trying to kiss me and me chiding her for breaking my rules.

Lots of fun, and from here it was a cakewalk.

After a while we were both hot and sweaty and decided to take a break. We went over and sat in a couple of bar stools about three feet from the Ethiopians. (They were still by themselves. I wonder if they hooked up with anyone…) I bought her a drink at her request, then we basically made out for another 30 minutes or so. She kept telling me how adorable I was and it was a nice ego boost. She also talk freely about all the wild sex she’s had: mile high club, multiple three-ways etc. She’s done three-ways with two guys, but she said not a DP. I said “the fact that you even know what a DP is says a lot about you.” She told me she was 34, but I suspect she’s a bit older based on some things she said later (she didn’t look that old, though).

I told her I was staying with a close friend of mine and her husband about four blocks away and invited her back to my place. Also that I was leaving the next morning at 8 am (true) and that it was now or never. She lives in Silver Springs, MD and had come with a guy friend. I told her I’d get her a cab home if she needed that. She went to talk to her friend about it. At this point I worried that he might talk her out of it and gave her my business card as proof that I’m a real person. She came back a few minutes later and said “we have an hour.”

So we left and started walking back to my friend’s. I didn’t have any condoms and told her so, “but it doesn’t matter because I never have sex on the first date anyway.” She laughed and said we gotta buy some. At that moment we were passing by a little convenience store, so we went in and I playfully told her I wanted her to ask about the condoms. She did. The clerk showed them to me and I made a to-do about them not having the ones I like (Trojan Ecstasy). This led to a funny interaction where she said she wasn’t aware that there was a difference. I explained that we’re in a Renaissance phase of condom development, it was a rapidly developing field with all kinds of innovation going on and blah blah blah.

You can guess what happened from there. We made the most of our hour and I walked her back to her car.

One interesting side-note: while were walking back to my place I couldn’t remember her name and was trying to figure out how to get it out of her. But right as we walked in the door she mentioned she hadn’t told me her name and hinted that she’s somewhat famous (at least enough that she’s on TV often), so it dawned on me that she doesn’t want me to know who she is. We made a game of this while fucking – me saying I wouldn’t let her come until she told me her name. Lots of fun. She told me a couple different names at time and I’m positive they were both lies.

Didn’t matter. She was a great lay plus really smart, cute & fun. Good blowjobs too.

I dated a fairly famous writer for a while back last spring, so we talked about the parallels. She did give me her phone # and said she’d email me, so maybe it will come out then. (I’m thinking about going back to DC for Xmas and she wants to hook up.)

We texted back & forth last night and again today. I told her I’ve decided I don’t need to know her name and had given her the pet name Fifi.


Day 2 with HB7Mexican

In case you’re wondering, I closed the deal with the HB7Mexican on our first date. I felt like a maestro with a baton conducting the Boston Symphony. Lots of dominance, teasing and push-pull interspersed with comfort building. She kept telling me I was evil because of how turned on I was making her.

First, how the date came about. The day after boot camp I traded text messages with her throughout the day. I told her she had to cook me dinner. She clearly loved the playfulness. The next morning, a Monday, I sent her this text: “I’m busy every night this week EXCEPT tonight, so it’s now or never.” She got back to me right away and said yes. I told her (again via text) that I would cook dinner and for her to pick out a DVD and wear something sexy. About an hour before the date I sent a text telling her awesome the meal was going to be and that she was so lucky to have me cook her dinner.

The biggest thing I wanted to work on in this date is push-pull. I took my time getting to that first kiss but prepped it with lots of kino. (Remember, she had continually given me the cheek when I first met her, so this was our first actual kiss). But after a bit of making out I pulled away and went to the bathroom. More comfort, more kissing, then I jumped up and complained about missing the football game. Left her alone and went upstairs to check the score. More comfort, then told her I wanted to show her some picture on Google. That got her upstairs sitting on my lap looking at pictures, then we did a quick tour of the other rooms upstairs before going into my bedroom.

Somewhere in there (before we came upstairs) she said she had a fetish for backs and that she wanted to see mine. I said sorry, I have two rules: no sex on the first date and no showing my back.

We rolled around on the bed making out for a while and I sensed LMR (last minute resistance). So I jumped up and said I wanted to check my email. Also lit a candle and turned out the light. Went to the other room where my computer is and checked email for a bit. Then I went to the bathroom before coming back to the bedroom.

She asked again about my back and I said I’d let her look. “Really?!” So I lay there and let her rub my back for a while, then she said “we broke both your rules.” (This was before we fucked.) Soon after she was tearing my pants off. Ate her out for a while, shoved my cock in her mouth for a bit then made her beg me to fuck her. Screamed my name over and over when she came. QED.

In the aftermath she kept saying how evil I was for “making” her have sex with me, but also how comfortable I made her feel. She said “you know too much about women” about a thousand times.

I’m starting to think she’s right.

Addendum. I talked to her the next night and she said my assertiveness was a big turn-on, and that she had never experienced that before. Remember, women want to be led, so be a leader.

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